If you are looking for the best one-stop online Chinese shopping sites and stores where you can buy clothing, accessories, computer parts, cars and motorcycle accessories, home and garden products, sporting goods, toys, video games, and health and beauty products, then you can check on these shops below.

LightInTheBox - Focus on life style, home and cloting

LightInTheBox is very user friendly! The website is translated to many languages. One of the better China online shopping


LightInTheBox - один из лучших китайских интернет-магазинов

LightInTheBox - один из лучших китайских интернет-магазинов.


AliExpress - Largest online market for Western clients

AliExpress has more than 5,900,000 available products from 44 different categories from different Chinese manufactories.  ( Action ! )

AliExpress насчитывает более 5,900,000 доступных товаров
AliExpress насчитывает более 5,900,000 доступных товаров из 44 различных категорий от различных китайских мануфактур.( Акция ! )

DealExtreme - one of the oldest virtual malls

DealExtreme is one of the most well known Chinese shopping sites.

DealExtreme является одним из самых известных китайских торговых сайтов.
DealExtreme является одним из самых известных китайских торговых сайтов.

Tom Top - Virtual Mall

TomTop is a Chinese online shop that is a Gold Supplier of Alibaba.

TOMTOP - это китайский интернет-магазин

TomTop - это китайский интернет-магазин, который является золотым поставщиком Alibaba.

MiniInTheBox - virtual mall with focus on gadgets and electronics

MiniInTheBox is a very reliable Chinese shopping site, It’s the brother company from Lightinthebox.

Miniinthebox очень-очень надежный китайский торговый сайт

Miniinthebox очень-очень надежный китайский торговый сайт, это дочерняя компания lightinthebox.

BangGood - virtual mall

BangGood is a one-stop Chinese shop for all your needs! Good Bangs for your Bucks.

Banggood является одна остановка китайский магазин для всех Ваших потребностей!

Banggood - китайский магазин для всех Ваших потребностей!

CooliCool - Electronics Market.

CooliCool is known as the largest electronic online shop from China in the world.

CooliCool - крупнейший китайский интернет магазин электроники.
CooliCool - крупнейший в мире китайский интернет магазин электроники.

LighTake - Wholesale market

LighTake is a typical China store for special gadgets and toys like marble rollercoasters.

TinyDeal heas more than 50,000 famous brand products.

TinyDeal heas more than 50,000 famous brand products.

TMart has competitive price, wide selection of products, Worldwide Free Shipping.

TMart has competitive price, wide selection of products, Worldwide Free Shipping.

DHgate - Large b2b market place

From tablets to wedding dresses, from wigs to Peppa Pig. DHGate is a one stop shop for all kind of stuff!

China is a great place to shop online for stylish and trendy clothes for low prices. These aren’t just Chinese clothing styles, you can buy clothes in European or western style, Korean style clothing and much more. Many online Chinese shopping sites are selling a wide array of clothing and apparels at great prices. These sites are selling branded and Class A dresses. Get your pick through these online Chinese clothing shops.



 Rosewholesale is a leading international online fashion clothing store. Focusing on the very latest in affordable fashion style, both attire and accessories, we provide thousands of the latest in chic product lines, to give maximum choice to our discerning clientele. We aim to provide an extensive range of high quality, trendy fashion clothing – not only at the lowest prices, but also with a professional dedicated service to our valued customers from all over the world.


 We want to make you look good for less. If you are craving for something new, fresh, and stylish then NewChic will help you get the perfect look!  NewChic offers a huge selection of the latest clothing and accessories for both men and women. Welcome to NewChic where the latest fashion meets the best price.


 Dresslink.com is a worldwide B2C online fashion-forward platform to selling clothing, shoes,jewelry and accessories..

We are dedicated to provide quality products to customers. selling native brands and own brands products with high quality. The products must go through three standard quality control processes at our warehouse before shipped. Purchase at Dresslink.com indicates safe and well-managed trade focus on quality.

SammyDress - Superb fashion and prices

SammyDress has great value for money with trendy fashion and clothing.

SammyDress - глобальный   оптовый интернет-магазин одежды.

SammyDress - ведущий глобальный   оптовый интернет-магазин одежды и аксессуаров.

SheInside - great streat wear

SheInside has up to date street wear and fashion, just for her!

SheInside - магазин актуальной женской модной одежды

SheInside - магазин актуальной и модной женской одежды!

ModLily - Best Chinese shopping site for fashion

ModLily was called MartOfChina – Fashion Clothing Online Shop with Great Deals and Offers at very reasonable prices.

YesStyle - Korean Fashion

YesStyle - Korean Fashion.

TideBuy - Wedding

TideBuy - Wedding.

TideBuy - женская модная одежда.

TideBuy - женская модная одежда.

Beads-us - Beads

Beads-us - Beads

 Gets - is a wholesale website, which does not have the warehouse stock, because all of the products at wholesale quantities and wholesale prices are straight producing from the factory, which can help you control costs.

Gets - Beads

Beads-us - розничный магазин ювелирного завода.



Gets-com - это вэбсайт для оптовой торговли, который не имеет складских запасов, потому что вся продукция в оптовом количестве и по оптовым ценам выпускаетсья прямо с завода.

OASAP - Dresses and Clothing specially for her!

DressLily - Dresses and Clothing specially for her!

BonPrettyStore - Nails and more

BonPrettyStore - Nails and more

Товары из Китая

Товары сайта Таобао на русском языке с бесплатной доставкой.

BonPrix - Интернет-магазин:
Аксессуары, Мебель & Товары для дома, Одежда & Обувь, Спорт дома, Одежда & Обувь, Спорт Аксессуары, Мебель & Товары для дома, Одежда & Обувь, Спорт

Online Chinese shopping sites are well known for their very cheap gadgets and electronic equipment products. The following list of Chinese shops is specialized in one of these categories. Most shops have more product catergories too.

AliBaba - Large b2b markwt place

AliBaba - Large b2b markwt place

SUNSKY - Electronics Market

AliBaba - предоставляет возможность совершить как обычную розничную покупку, так и заказать у китайского поставщика оптовую покупку. При этом, в отличие от аналогичных магазинов и  аукционов , покупку на Alibaba возможно совершить, связавшись напрямую с продавцом. 

 SUNSKY - Electronics Market.

"Покупай за копейки" - китайский интернет-магазин, подобный "FixPrice". Действительно, в нем все "за копейки". (Переключите язык на русский, в верхнем правом углу страницы.)

eForChina - Mobile Phones

eForChina - Mobile Phones.

CearBest - Electronics Market

   DinoDirect - Китайский интернет-            магазин с бесплатной доставкой.          Ассортимент просто огромен:

                                           порядка двух миллионов товаров.

EachBauyer -  китайский интернет-магазин. Товары: электроника, одежда, дом. Бесплатная доставка. Русский яз.

EverBuying - virtual mall

EverBuying is a worldwide provider of Made In China high-end products.


YoyBuy - Wholesale market

YoyBuy - Wholesale market




So there you go. I hope by now you are very excited to scan through these sites and start your online shopping. It’s a selected list of our favorite online shopping sites and shops, where you can find products with good quality at a cheap price.

Happy Shopping!

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